To be fair, and since I seriously desire the end of badly written blogs like Gilbert Goh’s blog,, which has flouted both the rules of proper grammar in English(other than spelling rules) and sound logical rules, I will post the transcript of what I wrote as a rejection of his questionnaire, and his rather painfully ungrammatical email message.


Hi Gilbert,

I have read some of your blog posts recently, and although I am too busy to try to respond owing to a new life here in Japan and the need to do other stuff, I find a few disturbing things which will actually be of detriment to your blog and any noble political goals you might hold, even if you have good intentions. Take this as a piece of advice from someone who has worked as an editor before, and has a PhD in English and has read thousands of articles throughout the course of his undergraduate and graduate studies prior to his final graduation. I think thatyour blog suffers from a serious debilitating problem of bad grammar and spelling, which, when applied to the various articles written by others, have led to problems of misunderstanding in an audience which reads it. For example, the way you edited my post on the Malaysians who came into Singapore, and discredited me for migrating as a “traitor” has led to a problem of grammar or logic in the writing which did not exist hitherto. Granted that the person who reacted negatively to make personal attacks on me as undeserving of the PhD title (well, he should grow from love and try taking a PhD if he is really that smart, but most are not) is in himself emotionally unstable and rabid as a commentator on your blog entries, I think that your editing has led to a case of my writing being misunderstood partially too. You might want to get a Singaporean who is still in SIngapore to help you proofread your writing style, especially since I noticed that this is a prevalent problem throughout most of your entries. I showed your blog to a Spanish friend back in Canada, and she noticed numerous punctuation errors on top of the grammar too, so that means a lot of fixing of errors.

On the other end of things as a friend, I think I have to refrain from participating in this “fray” and bustle of your blog concerning the interviews from now on. As much as I believe that your blog started with a good intention of showing things as they are in Singapore, I think that it is gradually buying into a sensationalist character, especially in the way that you posted in response to the Yaw Shin Leong scandal. The article made numerous assumptions about men, such as that we naturally would gallivant and flirt around or find girls to be with, even should we be single or without a good wife who is visually appealing. Granted that I am single, I have not been fulfilling the criterion of the Singaporean man that you mentioned, and none of the friends I know–straight, gay, married or single–actually fit in with your claims. You should seriously steer clear of such sensationalism which is reducing the impact of your article, not to mention that the article itself fleets from idea to idea such as the Yaw Shin Leong case, the Singaporean men’s “typical mindset” towards sex, and also, Singaporean women’s appearances before and after marriage, and the survey on sexual satisfaction amongst Singaporeans. My fear for you as a friend is not so much over the rabid reactions against you that will ensue,as much as that you are yourself buying into a very negative assessment of Singaporeans in general which in itself can be a double-edged sword. You wrote the blog obviously with the aim of addressing key social issues such as unemployment in Singapore, and the government’s blind spots in handling such problems which have escalated the problems, but I believe that your blog is quickly losing its origial intent and becoming as rabid as those people whom you did not want to be associated with–in other words, the writers of the Temasek Review. This can potentially cut against the opposition cause if you are not careful, and I believe that in many ways, it already has by conforming to this idea that the “opposition” or people attached to it in Singapore oppose for the sake of opposing.

I think that this is pretty much what I have observed in the course of reading your posts. As a friend and also, as a professional who is looking to move somewhere else to find another career once my contract ends, I am speaking with both professional interests and interests in looking out for you as a person. Negativity can draw in negativity, and someone like Fadil whom I noticed is actually very negative too from the rather rude and uninformed messages which he sent to me recently over the last week or so when I asked after him. I understand that most Singaporeans who are critical of the government are disappointed, but instead of thriving on spreading such negative energy, perhaps we should do something more concrete instead of just talking.




The transcript of his bad response is included here WORD FOR WORD without amendments.  I will highlight all his errors one by one.

Thanks Kevin for your feedback – appreciated much your frank assessment.

As I am the only person doing it, its a challenege to write, edit and proof read before posting.

In fact, I try to write once a week nowadays but sometimes I fail and it creeps up to once a fortnight.

Answering all the emails already took me two hours daily.

Each blog has its ups and downs and of course readership.

Some like it some dont some return whereas many others dont so its not an easy task to maintain a blog.

In fact, throughout these fours years, I have seen good wonderful blogs gone to the dust as the bloggers decided to call it a day.

I must also add – without malice here  – that as a PhD English holder the way you write is rather horrendous.

There are a few negative feedback on your writing style when we posted your article some time back but of course I didn’t faulted you as it didn’t mean anything.

I have seen peole with O level write wonderfully well so it is not the educational achievement that determine whether you can write  well or not.

Maybe you tend to write with a free spirit leaving out all thoughts of whether the readers can follow you or not.

In fact, I tend not to read your mails too much  as it is rather lengthy and long winded.

You rambled on and on and on…hope you don’t mind the feedback but I have never faulted you for not writing well despite the difficulty in reading your writings.

Its ok that you do not want to write for us again – we all have a choice.

We are going rather political here – with protest events and all – of course all this is done deliberately.

There is only so much you can blog and support online – sometimes you have to show your face and walk the talk.

I also apologise that the current article offended you – its meant to be frank and deliberately done to  stir up  discussion on this very serious but taboo subject here.

Many divorces occurred because there is a serious lack of sex in our marriages here.

I know as I counselled many coupels who are divorcing right now but no one or agency is really opening the subject up for discussion.

I wish you the best in Japan – let me know if you are back in Singapore.

We can talk more face to face.


We are here for you.

Thanks & Warmest Regards,

Gilbert Goh

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Support site for the divorced

Support site for the cyberbullied

Support site for the depressed & suicidal


Normally, I would have been gracious to ignore such people like him, since he first had the temerity to assume things such as that I was in Osaka or Tokyo, saying how he envies me for being in Japan when he is suffering in Singapore(character assassination on himself), and that I should get a Japanese girl because they “are good in bed and submissive”, and the list goes on. But because he made it so personal by attacking English PhDs and suggested that he writes better than any English PhD, I can only say that GILBERT GOH of is a pathetic person. Obviously, when someone tries to be kind to him by refusing his agenda privately in a quietly explained email, his reaction which was basically an insult on a person’s abilities without any apology about it basically means that he has driven me away from his agenda and I have seen him for who he is. In fact, my father had always warned me about people like him, because of a ragtag association to him, in which he has near to little experience in law, or social policymaking, and yet wants to enter politics and then quit once he did not win an election! I should seriously have believed my father’s assessment of his character, although I deeply wanted to believe then that some opposition politicians still wanted something good for Singapore beyond what the currently inept government does.

I will say one thing for sure: Gilbert Goh cannot put together a proper sentence in English to save his life, even if he needed to, and he should seriously consider enrolling in grade school English to re-learn the rules of correct grammar once again. This is not coming from me alone, but all my friends who majored in English, and even an Architecture major whom I knew as a friend in Singapore but has now relocated to Australia also thinks the same way about Gilbert Goh’s blog. What can I say? His blog is an EPIC FAILURE!