I have been taking inspiration from this song by Nine Muses, a Korean girl group consisting of former supermodels. This song, entitled “News”, tells a story about a famous girl who fell in love with a man, but the man made use of her celebrity and publicly disclosed their eventual breakup to the end that it caused her immense pain and hurt. The song talks of how she finally musters her courage to let go of the relationship and end it by saying goodbye without any desire to hold on.

I have had a few bad friendships which although lacking in the same intensity as romance, yet left me feeling very hurt and as if I was in a relationship prison because of the unfruitfulness of the relationship. But inherently, it was the knowledge that the friendship was meant to come to an end and that it will not stay on forever because of mutual character changes and conflicting perspectives and personalities in life that finally made realize that some friendships are really meant for a period of time at best. I am now ready to let go of these friendships by putting aside all the memories I had of them. Already I am in the process of erasure.