For some strange reason, although I have now moved to Japan and am now living a new life here, flickers of my past and memories of what I heard, saw, and even experienced come back to me in my mind’s eye and ears. It does feel a bit like echoing songs which linger around in the ears’ chambers, making one wonder what one should do and how one should respond. No one can effectively relive the past again, except maybe in terms of memories of pain and joy. Like all relationships past and present, there will always be both pain and joy. As a Christian, I know that part of me is called upon to forgive and to accept the things of the past, but does one effectively need to make any more effort to engage in restitution of the broken or damaged relationships we might have had in the past, to re-initiate any more contact with those who hurt us, if we are called to do so? Or do we bury that as a chapter in our lives?