I have been listening to a lot of different genres of music, but this song by Michael W. Smith really struck a chord within my heart, mainly because of the premise about people leaving your life, especially friends whom you held close to your heart. Sometimes, we wonder if there is really such a term called ‘best friend forever’. There is no ‘forever’ with humans, even family, but the ‘forever’ lies only with God Himself. But this song has greater faith than most, to assume that people who leave physically (in terms of not being present in our lives) still remain in our hearts and that when we pray for them, as long as it is God’s will, they will come back into our lives somehow, or we into their lives, if we share the common ground of faith in God. This sounds even more true in the light of some friends whom I have met once again when I returned to Singapore even for a few months. I am not going back to Singapore for the long term probably anymore and am planning to make a next step somewhere else as directed by God or according to where my chances lead me, but I want to believe somehow that those who truly came into my life for a good purpose will somehow remain in my heart even if not physically.