I have started this blog because I am unable to post in my other blogs for some reason or another. In Japan, this new phase of my life as I seek to start a new life, I am also seeking out the calling that my life is meant to fulfill for God. Life does indeed have different phases and stages in which we are in different places. My time in Singapore is done, and in many ways more than one, while I yearn to return to North America again, I know too there is a timing for everything.

The title of this post, “Love and Forgivenness”, sprang from a deep struggle to forgive within my heart those whom I loved as my family and friends and loved ones, and it is written with the knowledge that I need to let go. Sometimes, we forgive not because we want to, but rather because we know that it is our calling as Christians. Those who hurt us often do not know it. They hurt themselves in the process as well, and in doing so, continue spiralling into a deeper cycle.

I did not know if it was possible to even forgive. It took me a few years to forgive people, and to re-establish contact with them again, and at that moment when I talked once again, the words said to me felt hurting again. Perhaps people really are trying to insulate themselves so as to try preventing themselves from getting hurt. But we love them unconditionally because this is what God called us to do. Knowing this at least releases me to do what I need for my own life, to focus on my own life.

We love and forgive. The title is rather clear, because if we do not love, then we cannot forgive. Imagine that if God were to say, “I forgive you, but I want to have nothing to do with you anymore, and I cannot love you anymore.” That is not what or whom God is. He truly goes beyond the codes of human decorum and so-called self-respect, to even give up His Son for us. That love is this: no man would die for another, or even give himself for another, but Christ gave Himself for us. He taught us that lesson, that even when we feel hurt by enemies and loved ones alike, we forgive and pray for them, because it is what He intends for us. When we learn to love regardless of this, we release the balm of forgivenness into our own hearts. We look beyond the transgressions that the other person has committed against us as an offender. That is the true lesson meant for us, because we are called to His purpose.

I just want to utter this prayer within my heart now: Dear Father, as you have forgiven me and us(all men and women) who have disobeyed you in sin and rebellion, we know too that as your children, we are called to forgive those who have injured us. We release them into your hands in love, the friends whom I loved and yet have hurt me multiple times because they do not know what they do, and they do not know You yet. In love, I release them and wipe out the score of their transgressions against me. Things might never be the same as they were before,but at least I can repair the things that were damaged in time and know that You are the True Healer. I pray a prayer of love and forgivenness for them, as much as I grieved for them and over them. In Jesus’s Name, Dear Father, bring about this healing in us all. Amen.